Jenny Packham Obsessed

Okay, so usually I pride myself on being relatively, if not very up-to-date on what’s going on in the fashion world. I stalk the internet whenever a new season debuts and I want to see the shows, and I always take note of who designs the best dresses on the red carpet. Then I saw Leighton Meester in this dress on Gossip Girl. It was pink, knee length, and covered in perfectly placed sequins that verged on overkill while managing to stay classy. I’ll admit I watch Gossip Girl religiously (for the fashion, duh,) and I always research to figure out who made an outfit I’m particularly impressed with. Finding Blair’s dress was next to impossible, it took me almost an hour. Oh the glory I beheld when I finally found it.

It turns out the dress was by Jenny Packham, a designer I had known about only vaguely before the Blair dress landed on my radar. Jenny Packham is quite literally a genius. She makes elegant dresses that any woman should be ecstatic to wear, covers them with fabulous embellishments, adds some chiffon, and calls it a day. Celebrities do wear Jenny Packham, but she really arrived when Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wore…wait for it…the full length version of the dress I had been obsessing over for weeks. Imagine my surprise when I was at work perusing multiple fashion blogs and I found my unattainable dress gracing none other than the most-watched fashion icon in the world.

Jenny Packham’s gowns and dresses make me want to waltz around a ballroom sipping champagne in delicate six-inch heels, with a scrumptious prince at my side. This was her goal when designing her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and she was clearly successful. They have this effect on everyone, since Blair wore the dress in an episode centered on her romance with a prince, and Kate Middleton actually is a princess. How fitting.

The fact of the matter is that every girl who grew up watching the Disney princesses and dreaming of the days when they, too, would be adorned with intricately beautiful gowns, will appreciate Jenny Packham for the fairytale her dresses imply. Keep her name in the back of your head, because she’s not going anywhere but up from here.

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