Runway Review: Paris Fashion Week

I’ve been so insanely busy I still haven’t had time to review my favorite collections from New York, Milan, and Paris. Because of how late it is, I’m sticking to just Paris this season. 

Christian Dior

Whoa. I thought Dior was in a state of disarray with Galliano’s pending replacement constantly up in the air…what is going on?? I died when I saw the photos from Dior’s Paris RTW show, it was like Zac Posen’s show in New York but better. I love how so many designers are going the ladylike-chic route this season, from Dior to Posen to Louis Vuitton, everything is so pretty and feminine. The construction of Dior’s show recalled the 195os, when tailoring was everything in women’s clothing. I love the belted waists, the full skirts, the colors, and the fabrics used. When I look at Dior’s collection, I see chic, elegant Parisian women floating from store to store shopping before meeting a friend for coffee. The collection evokes a fantasy, and practically every piece was perfection.

Alexander McQueen

We all know it’s impossible to talk fashion without mentioning McQueen. Sarah Burton killed it in Paris, I love how season to season she keeps basics like interesting headpieces and full skirts, but changes up the theme. This year was no different, but as always each piece was flawlessly executed, incredibly detailed, and not only beautiful but interesting to look at. I can only imagine how many hours went into creating each piece, especially the black and nude dress with the full head cover. All of the detailing is exquisite, it’s literally wearable art.

Elie Saab

Sequins, sequins, sequins galore. Due to the name of my site, I think it’s clear that I like sequins and sparkles. Elie Saab obviously does too, since his collection was not sprinkled with them, but utterly slathered. There is definitely such thing as sequin overkill, and it will inevitably ruin any outfit. Saab managed to keep it classy with creatively placed sequins covering his boldly colored pieces. Throw in some lace and chiffon, and I’m sold. I loved his whole collection, save for a couple of sequined gowns that almost crossed the line into overkill territory. Again, Saab stayed with the feminine trend, and also included a whole section of white in his collection, like every other designer this fall.


“I know what women want, they want to be beautiful.” Valentino obviously lives by his own word, since his entire Spring RTW collection featured beautifully feminine lace, sure to make any girl feel stunning. Lace can be hard to wear, but I would definitely wear any one of his gorgeous lace gowns and dresses. They came in a variety of colors ( guessed it: white) and multiple shapes. Along with the lace, Valentino added chiffon-y dresses with embroidered flowers, tiered skirts, and even some fun mesh. Although many of the pieces would be hard to wear, due to being completely see-through, they were all fabulous to look at, and perfect for the red carpet.


Chanel was in the running for this spot, but as a whole I liked Balmain’s collection better. Balmain featured insanely intricate embroidery adorning coats, shorts, dresses, and pants. It was beautiful. The main reason I liked Balmain’s Spring RTW collection so much is the fact that there was so much contrast between the embroidery and the actual pieces. Be it gold on black, or black on white, or a number of other combinations, it was aesthetically stunning. The embroidery was slightly geometric, without going overboard, and complemented the pieces well. Balmain’s designer Olivier Rousteing  managed to balance solids with embroidery practically to perfection, and presented an amazing collection.

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