Here are options of shoes I’m going to get for my 21st. The budget is $1,450 (including tax) and I have no idea which ones to get!!! The Loubs I wanted turned out to be $5,000….haaaa not happening, at least not til I’m a bajillionaire. I’m going to post a few pictures of options, and I am hoping to get a few comments with advice! =) If I can’t figure out which ones I want within the next week, I’m waiting, saving, and going for a $2,000 pair in a few months…crazy perhaps but hey, first real designer shoes, might as well start out with a bang!

My list so far:

#1 Jimmy Choo Sierra (Cruise 2012 collection, only available via pre-order, $945)

Since I want sparkly, super high, super sexy shoes for my birthday, I think these are perfect. I’m obsessed with them, and they’re by far #1 so far, in terms of affordable, hot, showstoppin’ shoes.


- They’re almost 6 inches

- They are champagne, meaning they’re gold and silver, and the gold is really understated (I hate gold, but it can be necessary at times)

- They’re strappy as all hell, which I love

- They’re not excessively expensive


- There’s no red sole…ha

- They’re strictly evening, and I wouldn’t be able to wear them for very many occasions – this could also be viewed as a pro, they wouldn’t get worn out

#2 Jimmy Choo Eros in anthracite glitter – $750, 5.7 inch heel

These are simple, sparkly, and silver, which I like. I don’t know though, they’re so simple! If only the Sierra would come out in this sort of color!


- High heel, almost 6 inches

- All silver

- VERY affordable

- Very sparkly

- They would go with just about anything, even tights due to the closed toe


- Too simple of a pump

- I suck at walking in pumps

#3 Jimmy Choo Kiln in black (Fall/Winter 2011 – these would be a future purchase, they’re $1,995, I’d have to save for a couple of months)

I love these shoes, they’re pretty and sparkly, and black so they’d match just about anything. They’re #1 on my to-save-for list for sure, but they’re super expensive and I’m not sure I would be able to drop that much money on one thing without a fucked up conscience, that much money would reboot my whole wardrobe.


- They’re pretty!

- They’re tall

- They’re black, and so chic


- They’re super expensive

- They’re super wintery, and won’t work well for anything during the summer or spring

#4 Christian Louboutin N°299  – $1,095, 6 inch heel (currently out of stock! ew)

I love these shoes because they’re mostly black, they have some sparkle and some added pizzazz from the snakeskin in silver. They were my #1 choice until I realized they’re out of stock, but I’m going to the Loub store on Robertson on Tuesday to see if they’re there/see what they have.


- All of the accents are in silver. Due to the aforementioned hate of gold, this is a major pro

- Loubs are comfy


- Loubs have the best height of any shoes

- Affordable


- Out of stock

- The red soles, I’m so anal with matching, I could only wear them with things that match the red. Sad, perhaps, but true.

- The sparkly part won’t really show

#5 Christian Louboutin Pigalili – $3,545 (ok so these are insanely far from my price range, but they’re sooo preettyyyyy)

UGH I want these more than anything, but sadly I just can’t afford them. Might as well add them though, I’m in a haze of pretty shoes. I could potentially save up until the day before my bday, save all my Christmas and bday money, and get them. I won’t, but I could. =(


- They’re pretty

- They’re pretty

- They’re pretty


- $3,545

These are just the options as of right now, more shoes will be coming out and I don’t want to jump the gun on buying a pair, I need them to be perfect. After all, it’s not every day you’re handed the opportunity to buy your dream shoes! I’ll probs end up posting a couple more of these, but give me advice on which ones of these are the best in the meantime. And please, don’t say the Pigalili!

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16 Responses to Help!

  1. kittehluvs says:

    Wow, that is quite a budget! Lucky you! Personally i’d go with the most classic shoe, something you can wear for years to come. From your list I prefer loubs 299, too bad they’re out of stock.

    • MM says:

      That’s what my friend said, to just get simple black loub pumps, but I want sparkles and glamour for my first pair – the second will deff be a staple pair =) Thanks so much for the feedback!

  2. jessndaisy says:

    I love the last ones :) Spikes are a fierce girl’s bff. Loubs are so pretty. Definitely post which ones you will be getting!

    • MM says:

      wahhh I wish I could, but unless I randomly secure a guardian angel/benefactor/dead rich uncle it’s just not gonna happen =( Those are my #1 for sure though

  3. hi says:

    i have an obsession with the last pair, but since those are a little bit of a stretch, id for sure go with the first choo’s (the sierras).. theyre girly, sparkley and wont go out of style in the near future!

  4. Zenista says:

    I would say the last three. The first two aren’t that memorable, and still expensive if you think about it.

  5. fnkyluda says:

    #3!!!! GORGEOUS :)

  6. Gina Slater says:

    I agree that the first ones are beautiful, the straps make the shoes ,and the festive season is nearly upon us so they are definitely worth purchasing soon. Do you have sample sales in L.A maybe you can get them a bit cheaper there!.

  7. Csmith402 says:

    #4 Would be my first pick! They’re super cute and they have the “red bottom”, not to mention you could wear them with just about anything! =) Why spend all that money and not get shoes with the “red bottom”? Good Luck!!!!!

  8. KF says:

    I would go with the first Jimmy Choo’s or the second pair. You DO want a classic pair so it will go with everything & won’t have a dated look…(I still have my black loub round-toe pumps w/ a cute bow circa 2005 and they haven’t aged a day).

  9. #3…I think that while they still pack and punch and are super sexy, they can also be worn with more things than the champagne ones (which I also love)! I think they would be a great pair of sexy black shoes that go with any LBD or red or white and wouldn’t be super restrictive as to what they could be worn with!

  10. Loubs299 those are very HAWT, u got a simple classic look n the front & party party party n the rear lol so it could go with different styles! Plus u get your red bottoms, but becareful cuz they scuff but good luck HAWTie

  11. Noha.Rahhal says:

    Hey! Happy birthday in advance! I would go for the first pair ( Jimmy Choo Sierra), well champagne would go with anything… It’s perfect for evening outings “soiree”, but whatever your dress color is, you can simply put them on and no worries.

    The second pair is too dull.

    You are absolutely right about the third pair… “too expensive”.

    The 4th is amazing, but whenever you put on a long dress, they will look ordinary as the bling bling part won’t be shown. So, you will be only stuck with wearing cocktail dresses to bring about the shoes.

    You are too young for the fifth pair… Hope I helped :)

  12. ptiderman says:

    I love your photography…

  13. My vote goes to the Jimmy Choo Kiln. They’re super seductive and sophisticated.

    Oooor – you could save up and wish for money instead of gifts this Xmas, and buy the Christian Louboutin Pigalilis. They are simply just otherworldly. x

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