The best all-fruit smoothie ever

Ever since I got my sparkly new blender I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of smoothies, including ones with vegetables (carrot/apple/celery/peach) and all-fruit. I never add sugar or ice cream or any of that crap, they’re literally frozen and fresh fruit with water to make them blend more smoothly. NO JUICE! So today I documented my favorite all-fruit combination (although I decided to do it half way through, so there are no before pictures, and you won’t see my chopped banana.) I use an Oster Beehive Blender, and looooveeee it. Highly recommended, and it looks cool, too.

Here’s the recipe:

- one whole bag of the generic Ralph’s brand of frozen tropical mix, which includes mango, pineapple, and strawberries (no added sugar)

- one banana

- half a cup of water added throughout the blending process

That’s all! Here’s the documentation:

I love this mix, it’s always so yummy, and the pineapple makes it sweet enough without added sugar. Adding fresh banana also makes it a little less tangy (the pineapple and mango together sometimes get a bit acidic) and banana also helps make it creamier.

Ignore my messy kitchen! There’s my blender after the first whirl, with half of the bag of fruit and the whole banana. 

Adding water really helps to keep things running smoothly when you’re blending. It gives the effect of juice without the unnecessary calories and sugar. I use bottled water (my cat’s bottle, in fact) because my tap water tastes like crap. I really need a Brita or something. I don’t use a set amount of water, just do it by taste and consistency. This time it came to about half a cup.

Here’s the finished product in the blender, it’s well-blended and very smooth. Still all real fruit!

In my cup =)

ANDDD if you have a boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate unsweetened smoothies like I do,  buy the sweetened fruit. I made my whole smoothie, poured it into my cup, and left enough in the blender to give my boyfriend’s smoothie a nice tropical base. Then, I added a ton of sweetened strawberries and a few chunks of ice and got another excessively sweetened cup out of what I had already made for myself! 

I highly recommend the unsweetened version (aka the original, before I ruined the healthy effect by adding sugary strawberries for his) as a breakfast or snack. It fills you up and tastes amazing. They’re always refreshing. I like frozen fruit because it keeps things cold, but I try to add fresh fruit in with the frozen fruit to make sure all of the nutritional value is there. I’ll do one with vegetables next time, I just made this tonight and had to share it!

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One Response to The best all-fruit smoothie ever

  1. Kate says:

    awesome! great for a healthy living..

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