Back to basics

I’ve been getting ridiculously off topic lately, so let’s get back to basics. I have to tell you about this exfoliant face wash. So it’s not really beauty, not really fashion, not really health – but it’s REALLY necessary! Plus, you don’t look cute in your clothes with massive pimples, which I have been getting with a vengeance thanks to going to the gym so much. Enter Laura Mercier Face Polish. I bought this wash because I couldn’t afford the $70 one with salt from the dead sea. Maybe I’m a sucker for the stuff that claims to be insanely healing but damn it was enticing. Anyway, this was $30 and I had a Nordys gift card so I used that baby on my face wash… and my skin is actually getting better! It’s not perfect, but the improvement is legitimately substantial. To anyone who’s seen me in the last week, that may be hard to believe, but it’s true. So, all in all I highly recommend this face wash, it’s my new go-to for years to come…or at least until I can afford that dead sea stuff!

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