Giambattista Valli Spring 2012 Couture – Paris

I actually like the Giambattista Valli collection even more than Dior. I realize this one is a day late, so I’m going to pound like 3 reviews out tonight and see how it goes! So, Valli.

Here’re selected pieces from the collection:

So let’s start with the first one. I thought it was hideous from far away, but when I clicked into the slideshow I actually loved it. I’m seeing a definite white/black/classic shapes/sheer fabrics/pleats/shiny things trend coming on, from Valli and Dior alone. I’m obsessed. Look #1 was awesome because to me it evoked a bit of a 1960s feel with the shape of the coat(cape?). I find the embellishments on the sides incredibly interesting, and think it works well with the lack of buttons and length. The color is spot-on, in that it’s sort of an ivory off-white. I hate bright white…so it’s perfect. Even better is the fact that it’s paired with pants in the same color, which continues the line and doesn’t make her outfit seem stunted.

As much as I’d enjoy writing about every single look, I can’t…so let’s skip to the 3rd. Loved it even more than the first. If I had the money and a job which allowed clothing like this, I would absolutely wear this stunning suit to work every. single. day. The cropped top, the embellished midsection, and the classy slit at the bottom combine to create a striking piece; it’s timeless.

After the lovely suit came a few pretty yet interesting dresses, full of chiffons, silks, feathers, embroidery, and plenty of other embellishments. Of course, the color scheme included black and white together, as well as one frivolous dress in pink. Then came the next knockout. Featuring a white sculpted and tailored top, complete with a bow, alongside an insanely chic skirt in what seems to be patent crocodile leather (or something), this combination was absolutely gorgeous. I wish people could dress like this every day. More sheer skirts with lace followed, as well as more tailored solid pieces. Valli added embroidery, feathers, and flowers to pretty much all of them. Much like Dior, silhouettes were ladylike, with drawn-in waists and knee-length, fuller skirts. Unlike Dior, this collection seems far more like couture. Dior seemed wearable to me, Valli was all pieces that could be worn in a dreamworld where everyone dresses to the nines daily.

Valli’s gowns were especially beautiful, they seemed like something you’d see in old pictures from the red carpet in the 1940s, yet updated. I love the off-white, one-shouldered piece with a little dash of black and metallic bow. I think the bow complimented the colors nicely, and added a bit of a modern twist. High necklines, sheer skirts, pouffy sleeves, and incredible draping were all enhanced with sequins, embroidery, and metallic accents. And then came the vibrant pinks.

I absolutely adore how he hinted at what was to come in terms of pink at the very beginning of the show. That one pale pink dress mixed in with all of the black and white seemed completely out of place. Alas, it was not. The first few evening gowns were black or white, until one hot pink dress came, followed by purples, reds, and combinations of colors. He definitely stuck with warm colors for this part, and after a show comprised of mostly non-colors, it was jaw-dropping. My absolute favorite piece of the entire show was the second to last gown. Covered in a gorgeous print in shades of pink and purple, it had a long, straight skirt in a smaller version of the print. Then, billowing out behind the more tube-like section of the skirt was an enormous flouncy train. Of course it was belted in the middle in the darkest color, and the huge magenta flower atop the model’s head completed the look. I’m literally so obsessed with this gown that rather than putting it in my collage above, I’m showing it to you in all its glory below. Enjoy!

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