Oh hey Dior

AHHHH Spring 2012 COUTUREEEE has arrived in Paris. I’m taking it day by day this time, since I’m no longer writing for three blogs at once. Also, it really sucks compiling all of the pictures for 5 different shows on one day. Anywho, if you recall my Fall 2012 RTW Paris week post, I died over Dior. And guess what, they did it again! I’ve gotta say, I love where Dior is going after Galliano’s departure. Thanks, Bill Gaytten! It was couture, so some of it was a little out there, but it’s all so ladylike and actually wearable. Sigh, some day…some day. Anyway, let’s get to it.

Selected pieces from Dior's Spring 2012 Couture Show, taken from Style.com

Here’s why I loved Diors Spring 2012 Couture collection: 

Fashion’s sweetheart Karlie Kloss opened the show in a striking black and white dress accented with black embroidery and a belt. I love the wide lapels, I love that it’s fanciful yet somehow business-y. It definitely needs something underneath since it’s see-through, but at the end of the day it started the show out with a resounding bang. Next up was a similar version in black, which was less striking but still beautiful. I love how the fabric Gaytten used falls in the skirt. It’s billowy but soft, it doesn’t look starched at all. I drooled over the next two dresses. The first was white, still accented with black, but slightly more feminine with the removal of the lapels and an enormous bow-type-thing across the model’s torso. The second one was even prettier; a beautifully tailored piece with what seems to be black chiffon or silk over white, creating a grey effect. I love the flouncy skirt as well as the construction of the top. Gorgeous.

One of my favorite aspects of the Dior collection is the way Gaytten used color to make the pieces really stand out. Whether it’s a red and white skirt with a white top, or black with white, or even sheer fabrics with bolder bits mixed in, the entire collection seems to be full of contradictions in a sense. Some of the pieces are deconstructed, yet tailored to perfection – another contradiction. Overall, it makes for an extremely interesting show. Just like last fall, everything is perfectly ladylike, pulled in at the waist, and full-skirted. One standout is a grey skirt and top – the top is embellished with intricate embroidery, and the bottom is what seems to be a sort of criss-cross texture. They look amazing together.

As I click through the photos into evening gowns, I’m slightly less impressed. There’s a decently ugly purple thing with a sash, a floor-length gown with far too much draping, and a couple of relatively drab, simple dresses. And then the models wearing the sheer evening gowns come strutting down the runway, and again, I’m amazed. Sheer skirts were actually one of the few trends I liked in the past year, and I love Dior’s interpretation even more. There are perfectly placed beads, drapes, pleats, and ruffles.

After the sheer, elegant floor-length gowns came the over-the-top ball gowns. Think Cinderella sized skirts with feathers, pleats, and layers galore. Mind you, these pieces were interesting, just not particularly pretty. Ah, or so I thought. Probably my favorite dress from the Dior show came down the runway last, and with good reason. This gorgeous strapless red gown was Cinderella shaped, but tomato red. It’s covered with layers upon layers of loosely ruffled sheer red fabric over a nude base. It’s stunning, and we’ll definitely be seeing it on the red carpet. My money is on the upcoming Oscars, if not this year then next year.

All in all, I think Dior delivered in Paris. What do you think?

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