Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture – Paris

I’m a little less familiar with past Armani collections, but this one was amazing. There’s one very, very clear theme throughout: snakes. Be it texture or color, each piece evokes thoughts of snakes. I initially thought I was just thinking of snakes because for some unknown reason I was Googling snakes like a crazy person an hour ago…but it’s a pretty clear theme. Just wait for the gowns at the end!

Here’s most of the collection:

When I started clicking through’s slideshow, I was a bit unimpressed. I didn’t particularly like the use of grey and green together, and although the silks were beautiful, it was just silk. I kept going though, and by the 5th, 6th, and 7th pieces I knew I would be writing about it tonight. The scale-like prints on the silks are just incredible, and the way the skirts are folding in on themselves is aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Annnnddd the colors. Oh my god. From lime green, to forest green, to sort of dusty greenish greys, they were beautiful. Scales and scaly textures, along with vast expanses of shiny plain silk created a great contrast to one another, and kept the large amount of silk present from becoming too repetitive. There’s one awesome shirt/skirt combo that came complete with a marshy, leafy looking shoulder piece cascading down and around the model’s arms. The evening gowns were red carpet ready, and truly stunning. I’m not usually into animal or snake prints, but they were breathtaking. I love how Armani used colors to make the prints pop, with bright green and black. Those colors haven’t been paired together very much recently, and I think Armani has set green as the color to look for this year. I’m definitely buying more items in green, it can be so pretty! Some of the gowns combined texture with large bits of silk, which was almost reminiscent of a snake shedding its skin. Layers of silk created the illusion of scales, while textured fabric did the same. Overall, it was a cohesive, gorgeous collection.

P.S. it’s hard to see the intricate details in my picture, so click here to see the slideshow.

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