Busy busy busy!

It turns out working full-time, going to school, and attempting to exercise a few times a week is utterly exhausting. I’ve been finding myself taking sarcasm and jokes seriously then getting confused when the other person laughs because I’ve been SO TIRED. Just saying, as an explanation for the extreme absence. There’s something about a 14 hour day that has you wanting to do nothing but veg out to New Girl when you get home…

Anyway, with the addition of my new job, I’m having a hard time juggling everything. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. How exactly does one do it all? My social life is a sad empty hole where fully planned weekends once were. So here’s the sched as of now:

Monday: Wake up at 7, get ready by 8:30, be at work by 9….fast forward 9 hours of PRing it up and running to and from the warehouse to send pieces out to writers and DJs and entertainment people and WHATEVER ELSE…leave work at 6, be at class by 7 (even though it starts at 6:30…crap…my teacher is really sweet and knows how much I hustle to get there), get out of class at 9, deal with incessant LA traffic and be home at 10. Wash, rinse, repeat for the rest of the week like so…

Tuesday: Same thing, minus class, plus some New Girl action

Wednesday: Same thing, with class

Thursday: No class, TRY to do the Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack because it makes you really sore…so it must be working, right?

Friday: Same thing…pretend to be going to the gym all day then flake the minute the car is off at the apartment

Saturday: Veg, gym, sleep

Sunday: Veg, gym, sleep

That has been the last month. My 5 weekly 2 hour workouts have basically flown out the window, I’ve been getting in maybe 3 times at the gym and one Jillian DVD a week. That is four workouts but I feel way less fit, and I WAS getting skinnier…not so much now. I’ve gone to the gym before work once each week for the past 3 weeks, and I REALLY want to make that a weekday habit. Like, every day. I have issues going to bed early though. I hate feeling like it’s all go, go, go with no relaxation time, which is what the weekends are obviously. Also, my eating habits have been leaving a lot to be desired, since I no longer feel any need to go home and cook myself grilled chicken, chop a million veggies for dinner, and make a fruit smoothie. It’s so much work!

The thing is, I’m enjoying my new job SOOOO MUCHHHH… it’s really worth it. It’s such a far cry from my last job. That’s all I’ll say, because I think it’s really unprofessional to go into work stuff in a public place, but I’m having a great time. That being said, I would like to be smokin’ by my 21st, which is now in like a month and a half. If my class would just disappear this wouldn’t be an issue, but the addition of class is making things tough. So basically, I’m going to post my new weekly plan here. It’s worked in the past…it creates a sense of accountability. So here’s the new sched!

Every day:

Wake up at 6, go to gym, get presentable at gym, haul ass to work, go to school, go home and SLEEP. It’s like a mental block, it’s actually completely doable, but it’s so hard to go to bed before 12! How the hell do people do it all the time? Can someone please answer this….haha

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  1. Tony B says:

    They get old, and have no choice.

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