Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear: Paris

Oh my god it’s now fall RTW week in Paris and I never even finished reviewing couture! Here’s what’s going to happen: I’m going to shorten them up. It takes 400 years to review a whole collection, and clearly I suck at keeping up-to-date between work and class and gym time. So, without further ado….


Less impressive this time, but at the same time a good transition to fall. Loving the leather and chiffon throughout, and I like how Dior has gone ladylike with an edge. Love it. I also love the fact that there’s so much dusty rose, especially since I have a brand spankin’ new dusty rose blazer. Yum. Here are a few standouts:


I liked Lanvin, even though some of it was very heavy looking, and pretty ugly. The whole collection felt almost regal with all of the jeweled embellishments, velvet, fur, dark colors, and lace. I would rock some of those dresses, however some were just overkill. Multiple patterns, different color families…please just lay off. Sometimes less is more.


I was clicking through the shows for pieces to highlight, getting more and more discouraged as I went along. Labels I usually like were consistently disappointing, and it was really just a bummer. As I got closer to Balmain in the tabs at the top of my screen, I became increasingly worried that it, too, would disappoint. Boy was I wrong. I seriously think that with Oliver Rousteing’s arrival, Balmain is one of my new favorites. Every effing show of his has been spot-on. I LOVE that he’s sticking to his formula of impeccably fitted pieces embellished to oblivion. I like the fact that everything is updated, so it doesn’t seem tired and overdone, even more. Check it out, and enjoy.

What we can take away from all of this is:

- Sheer isn’t going anywhere.

- We’re going from jewel tones to muted, somewhat dusty jewel tones. Think dark turquoise or slightly dirty looking purples and pinks. Mustard yellow is going to be a big one.

- As with the past few seasons, chic yet ladylike is in. I am loving all of the full skirts and high waists. Tailored, fitted, ladylike clothes are what really make women’s bodies look incredible. Enough of those low-slung jeans and weird draped tops with a bandeau underneath! Trendy is NOT stylish. Plus…like….you can see half of your body. Come on, isn’t that cold?

- Embellishments are still in. Remember all of those studded boots and jackets you lusted over or bought last year? Keep them.

That is all. Bye bye!

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2 Responses to Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear: Paris

  1. Interesting. Many of the Spring colors are carrying over to the Fall.

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