I took my Loubies in to get stretched today, and the girl at the shoe repair place told me that it’s going to be difficult to deal with because once they’re stretched I’ll slide out the front because they’re peep toes. WHY DIDN’T THE WOMAN AT THE LOUB STORE BRING THIS UP TO ME WHEN I BOUGHT THEM??? I could have easily gotten a closed-toe pair for MORE money, so it wasn’t about trying to sell them. I’m so scared now. I’m getting them back on Thursday, and I hopeeeeee they work out, or I will basically have an enormous spaz attack. And then, obviously, I’ll save up to get another pair. Luckily Foot Petals makes these, so there will be something to help. I brought that up though, and she said it’ll just push my feet further forward. I am going to freak the fuck out if she’s right. Here’s a refresher course on my gorgeous Loubs:

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4 Responses to Nervous

  1. I was thinking of getting mine stretched (I have grey peep toes) but after reading this I’m not sure! Thank you for this but I will await your Thursday post to see if all is okay. I have the foot petals but I haven’t put them in my Loub’s yet. I don’t understand how that would push your foot forward? That kind of makes no sense to me. Either way, I’ll pray that your Loub’s come back great and ready to wear.

    • MM says:

      Thanks! She basically said that with the open room in front (I’m getting them stretched width-wise) my feet will just slide forward more easily. Honestly, I’m thinking I’d rather hobble around with them falling off than have my feet looking like muffins sticking out over the sides…plus there are the foot petals that go under the ball of your foot, which I might try in conjunction with the ones that hold the heel in. We’ll see!! I’ll definitely update here though.

  2. Okay I see, I’m just afraid that my toes will end up sticking out of the peep toe if I stretch them. Like my best friend says: Beauty is pain! Ha!

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