How much $$ is too much?

I’ve been looking at clothes online (as usual) while being sick, and I came across a $60 lipstick. I almost want to buy it and test it to see if it’s actually worth 60 freakin’ $$$. The best lipstick I have ever owned is NARS…it lasts for hours. It was like $24. I find it very difficult to believe that this $60 lipstick is any better. Maybe I’ll test it at Bloomies or something so I don’t have to pay $60 (cost of a new top) to test what is probably a perfectly fine but not insane lipstick. I mean, how great can a lipstick really be, anyway? At some point nature and reality are bound to step in and say “hey, you’re a living creature who secretes all sorts of nasty crap from your mouth while simultaneously putting stuff in…I just can’t compete with that.” I feel like no matter what, saliva, food, and drinks will end up messing with your lipstick. I’m sorry it’s just a fact. So why does this Clé de Peau Beauté lipstick cost so much? Here’s picture of it…maybe it’s because it looks cool. That is, of course, until you accidentally leave it in your car and it melts, or you wear it to the bottom, or it breaks, or it gets wobbly in the tube. Maybe it’s immune to all of those crappy side effects, which would be awesome. I have a Vegas lipstick horror story I’ll share later tonight or tomorrow. Anyway — picture:

Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lipstick

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2 Responses to How much $$ is too much?

  1. britneyana says:

    Confession; I’m a cheap makeup person. .99 eyeliner is my favorite. I once bought a $12.00 eyeliner and it broke every time I tried to use it.

    Cheap lipstick is even better.

    • MM says:

      What is this .99 eyeliner and where can I get it to try it? Trust me I feel your pain, I bought a Kate Spade lipstick last weekend and it broke before I even got a single swipe on. Like, really. =((

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