I went to Vegas recently, which I’ve been ranting about for months. While there, I spent some wonderful time with my extended family – much needed as I almost never see them. On one of the days, I went shopping with my mom and cousin through the insane shopping center that billows out beneath Caesar’s Palace. We stopped in many stores, including Judith Lieber, Louboutin, Dior cosmetics, and Kate Spade.

Ah, Kate Spade. My mom managed to pick up a gorgeous purse on sale, and I lingered around the store trying to find something to buy. Unfortunately for me, Kate Spade seems to deal mostly in gold hardware, which I hate. I just don’t do gold. Anyway, I managed to find the cosmetics table in the store, and settled upon a peachy pink lipstick. I think that at this point we all know that orange and peachy-pinks are the colors this season, so I decided to buy it. After I bought it we rushed out to go meet up with everyone else, and by the time I finally took it out to try it on, we were far from Kate Spade and running late. It was wobbly in the tube.

LAKJFGLSHGFLDIGHLIUGHSLIUDHI:UFSH NOTHING is more frustrating than wobbly lipstick. It isn’t really visibly fucked up, but when you try to put it on it hits the sides of the tube and messes the stick up while making a mess. My mom kept telling me to bring it back, but it was just too late. I can also tell that the majority of them probably have the same problem – it’s really glossy lipstick and the stick itself is too thin for the tube, i.e. it’ll become wobbly fast even if it’s not when you buy it. HOW ANNOYING. I guess that teaches me not to buy makeup because it’s Kate Spade and a pretty color. I’m definitely sticking to NARS lipstick from now on.

Here’s the lipstick on the Kate Spade site:

Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! in Pop Art Pink

Here it is on me without lip gloss. I refuse to not use it I love the color:

And here it is on me with Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Hot Citrus Sparkling, which I bought in an orange-store induced moment of weakness at the checkout when buying something else a few weeks ago.

I would say that the moral of this story is don’t buy Kate Spade lipstick unless the color really kills you. And if you do, make sure to bring it back if it’s wobbly, or you’ll be stuck with a difficult-to-use mess like I am now. The end!

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