Livingsocial is dangerous

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I just bought 10 Cardio Barre classes for $40. If you live in LA and want to try it, go to my Twitter and buy it from my link! I just need 3 people to do it and mine will be free =)

I’m obviously going to write about it when I do it. I can’t believe I just bought it, I’m usually scared to try new things like that so maybe it’s good. I just figure I have a really extensive background in dance-type things so it’ll be fun AND a good workout. We’ll see!

Here’s the website.

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2 Responses to Livingsocial is dangerous

  1. Annie Belle says:

    I was researching exercises to “whittle my waist” and ballet/dance was one of them…sounds like a good workout! If I lived in Beverly Hills I’d join you…

    • MM says:

      yay I need my waist whittled really badly =) I think there are locations all over the LA area if you’re anywhere near here

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