Fall 2012 Couture: Paris

So far, I’m really bored. Dior is continuing with the old school cuts and looks. Chanel is boxy. Saab is glittery. Valli is full of ruffles and flower prints. Gaultier is overdone and Versace is trashy. Valentino is the only one so far switching things up and I still see lace and lots of Valentino red (duh.) My point is, I want to be amazed. I’ll post on this in further detail this weekend.

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2 Responses to Fall 2012 Couture: Paris

  1. Jenny Hogben says:

    Thanks for calling it as you see it, I had a good look at everything and you are so right about the wow factor missing. Ulyana Sergeenko and Givenchy are doing some interesting things, but if you haven’t done so already, have a look at the Dior show: http://youtu.be/Vz7qwUslYcQ
    The music is great, and there is lots of detail you don’t see in a motionless front-on image. It’s way more subtle than a Galliano-Dior show but maybe just as exciting?

    • MM says:

      I still need to get to it all, I went on a business trip and I’ve been swamped but I’m going to get to it this weekend. I looked at Dior in stills and I liked Bill Gaytten better but I’ll watch the video too.

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